You may be asking, "What will I find at First Baptist Church of Riverton?"  Well, the short answer is that you will find a lot of people who care about each other and care about you.  The long answer?  Okay, to tell you the truth, there is no long answer, but you will find people who love the Lord and are growing in Christ.  You will find a variety of small groups and classes available to help you know Christ and walk with him in every area of your life.  You will find biblical preaching and strong applicaiton for daily living.  You will find meaningful worship that blends a mix of contemporary Christian music and the great old hymns of the faith.  You will find a worship style that is informal.  We believe that worship is more than a dry formality.  It is a living encounter with the God who will challenge you and bless your life.  By the way, don't worry about what you will wear.  We don't have a dress code, and we won't give you a tie at the door.  We like to think of First Baptist Church as, "A Place of Grace."  Our prayer is that God would bless you with his amazing grace as you join us for worship next Sunday.  See you then, and God bless in the meantime.
Pastor Rex



We are so happy for you to visit us on-line, and we pray that God will bless you in a very special way.  God is doing great things at First Baptist Church and our hope is that our website will provide you with  information to help you get acquainted with who we are.  Our basic purpose here is to glorify God and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.  First Baptist Church is a place where: 

1.    People are Evangelized.  That just means we want you to know Christ in a personal relationship that will give meaning and purpose to your life. 

2.    People are Enfolded.  We want you to know other believers and develop friendships within our congregation and our community.  Several small group ministries are offered to help you make friends and feel a part of the family. 

3.    People are Edified.  What do we mean by edified?  Our purpose at First Baptist Church is to build upon the foundation of Christ, understanding the Word of God, and developing Christian character.  We want you to develop a strong faith that will speak   to all of life.  There are plenty of Sunday School classes, prayer groups and Bible studies available to help you build and grow in your faith.

4.    People are Equipped.  Our desire is that you will be fully trained to accomplish what God has called you to do in His service.  First Baptist Church offers plenty of opportunities to develop and grow in your ability to do ministry that will glorify God.  

5.    People are Empowered.  In order for ministry to take place, the ministry of Christ must be entrusted to the people of God.  At First Baptist Church, every member is a minister and we encourage you to find your place of ministry and serve Christ faithfully.   Please enjoy your on-line visit with us.  If we can answer any questions, feel free to give us a call or if you would like to visit, please click on the "contact us" tab for further information.  God's blessing to you and yours. 

In His Love, 

Rex Whitman Senior Pastor

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Who We Are:

Rex Whitman, Senior Pastor

I look forward to meeting you, but before you come worship with us, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I wish I could tell you I was an Army Ranger with all kinds of exciting missions completed in far away places, but instead I'm just a short Irishman who loves to tell people about Jesus.  I guess that's a pretty exciting mission.  I grew up in Southeastern Wyoming, went to college in Nebraska, and attended seminary in Kansas City.  Along the way I found a great wife, Susan, and we proceeded to produce three little Whitmans: Matt, Kendra and Mark, who have grown up and given us 5 beautiful grandchildren.   I have had pastorates in Iowa, Colorado, and now Wyoming.  My passion is to reach the state of Wyoming with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'd love to have you come and meet some wonderful people here at First Baptist Church.  It's a great place to grow in the Lord and serve Him.  Exciting things are happening and a lot of stuff that is just plain good.  Come and join us!



Allen Peil, Assistant Pastor

My wife, Mirjam, and I thouroughly enjoy being at First Baptist Church and having the opportunity to serve and worship our God.  My primary reponsibilites as Music, Tech, and Youth coordinator suite me perfectly, having recieved a BA from Colorado Christian University in Music with an emphasis on Sound Recording Technology and Biblical Studies. I am passionate about worshiping God  in all things, and helping to enable others to also worship with excellence (not necessarily perfection).   I like to keep my door cracked open, so feel free to visit any time about anything.




As we consider the future for First Baptist Church it is important that we develop a strong, small group ministry and Sunday School within the church.  Small groups or Sunday School classes place people in a setting where relationships can be formed and existing relationships can go much deeper.  As the Elders have met and discussed our future, it is their hope that we will eventually have 50-60% of our congregation involved in small groups or classes.  These groups serve to deepen our fellowship.

As we look to the future, our hope is that we will soon be running around 300 in our Sunday morning worship services.  As the Elders have discussed this, they feel that we may be able to have as many as 5-7 worship services offered at different times throughout the week.  Our long-term goal is to have 700 people attending a variety of services offered at our facility.  As the church grows, it will be necessary to add staff that will help us advance toward our growth goals.  We intend to add one staff person for every 150 people in attendance.  As we are working toward this goal, we will simultaneously be working toward our larger goal of establishing an in-house Bible college that will offer courses for ministry training.

This ministry training is for the purpose of sending skilled ministry people to work together in planting and maintaining effective churches throughout Wyoming.  A preaching team is being trained to offer help in these works.  Our goal is to make a significant impact upon our area by establishing First Baptist Church as a mission base to reach out to our state.  As we train promising leaders to help us with this task, our goal is also to examine the possibility of developing “cyber churches” in many of the rural areas of Wyoming.  These house churches will resemble the house churches that were utilized by the early church to reach the world of their time.  This, of course, will require that we invest in appropriate technology to enable us to attain this goal.  Our desire is that First Baptist Church will make a powerful impact in our community, our area, our state, and our world.

So how do we accomplish all of this?  Like any other task, we do it one brick at a time or one board at a time, until we begin to see our greater vision taking shape before us.  It means that we must use our money wisely to accomplish this vision and it will certainly mean that we prioritize reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It may mean that we need to be creative in our approach to mission and outreach, shaping new ideas as we are faced with new challenges.  At First Baptist Church we want to be a people who manifest a clear purpose and a dynamic passion to fulfill the mission of Christ as we work together to “Advance the Gospel.”




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